The Pilates Method is a corrective exercising system created by  Joseph Hubertus Pilates in the beginning of the last century. The main quality of this method is coordination of the body and mind resulting in optimum control, strength and flexibility. Method was invented to help people live healthy and happy lives.

The author himself named the method ‘Contrology’.

Contrology - the science and art of coordinated body -mind -spirit development through natural movements under strict control of the will.
                                                                                          Joseph Hubertus Pilates

What distinguishes this method from other forms of exercising is it’s author’s basic belief that the secret of successful corrective exercising lies in deep body analysis which trough private sessions gives answer to specific needs of each individual client. That is precisely the reason why Pilates Method can be an ideal exercise for people that due to specific health issues find other forms of exercising – inappropriate. At the same time the method can be very beneficial for both active and former athletes, dancers as well as all the others willing to master their own body.

In Pilates Method you will be facing a challenge of learning the correct execution of some 500 exercises, gradually mastering the knowledge to train on the various Pilates apparatuses ( Reformer, Cadillac, Mat, Wunda Chair…) by applying the 6 main principles of the Pilates Method, which are:

Control – all the movements of the Pilates exercises are performed under the strict control of the will with each body part  fulfilling its function.
Concentration – Pilates exercises demand focus and devotion resulting in better knowledge of one’s body and its abilities.
Precision – each Pilates exercise is developed with clear purpose and has its function in creating muscular awareness.
Centering – human body has its physical centre. Joe Pilates named it ‘Powerhouse’ and was convinced that it also represents the centre of all the body power. Powerhouse is made up of 4 layers of abdominal muscles, lower back muscles and gluteus.
Breathing – Joe Pilates emphasized the importance of the correct and conscious breathing resulting in greater stamina.
Flowing Movement – each movement within an exercise should be coordinated and flowing. The same principal should be maintained throughout the session, making the transitions between the exercises the integral part of that harmony.
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