about us

True Pilates Zagreb is the only studio in Croatia and surrounding countries in which you will be trained strictly by the principles of the Original Pilates Method. Through correct and regular training of the Pilates Method you will increase strenght and flexibility of your body, correct posture, reduce back pain, improve coordination and balance of body and mind and you will elevate the quality of your every day life. You can benefit from the Pilates Method regardless of your fitness level or age – it just works.

True Pilates Zagreb believes in quality before quantity, so we teach based on principles currently used by most of the respectable studios in Europe and US and that is individual training session under the guidance of a certified Pilates Instructor. This allows us to answer to any specific need of each individual clients body type.

As we try to keep our work as true as possible to the Original Pilates Method, the studio of True Pilates Zagreb is fully equipped with Gratz Pilates Apparatuses. This equipement is being crafted in New York since the times of Joseph Pilates and on his specifications, it therefore preserves the precise form and functionality of his original designs.

True Pilates Zagreb is connected with studios in Europe and the USA which teach original of the Pilates Method keeping this wonderful method pure and true.

True Pilates Zagreb is oppened Monday to Saturday on appointement.

True Pilates Zagreb wishes you a warm welcome and a great time in devotion to your body.

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